How we’re different:

Longer doctor visits

Before even meeting you, Dr. Jones devotes a full hour to studying your history and lab results. During your first visit, he spends another 2 hours explaining your results and collaborating with you on a treatment plan. At follow-up appointments, you have an hour of his undivided attention.

One-stop shop

We treat you as a whole person—not a collection of parts. We take into account what your other doctors are doing and integrate elements from a wide array of disciplines—sleep, nutrition, fitness, gastrointestinal health, and bioidentical hormone replacement. We’ll find the best solution for your unique biochemistry. Our plans are holistic, coordinated, and customized.

Customized treatments

No two people are the same, so no two patients have the same treatment plan.

Natural solutions

We prefer natural solutions. If they don’t work, we use safe alternatives.

Success Stories


– Donna Malone