Traditional medicine finds problems and treats them at the point they’ve developed into disease.

Jones Institute is different. We recognize that health problems are the body’s way of getting our attention. We know that finding the causes and treating them in their early stages can halt a downhill slide into disease.

The Biomatrix™ Assessment includes:

Success Stories


– Steve Troglio


2-Hour Physician Consultation

Understand why you’re feeling symptoms and how they’re tied together. Know what you can do to solve the underlying cause.

Specialized blood panel

Tests over 50 factors that reveal the hormonal and metabolic causes behind your symptoms.

Holistic Plan

Approaches from different disciplines are leveraged to provide the greatest effect for the least effort.

Personalized Nutritional Supplement Recommendations

Products and brands have been vetted so we know they will work.

Nutrition consultation

Recommendations from our master’s-trained nutritionist are designed to resolve your specific health concerns. They are customized to your tastes and lifestyle.

Detailed body analysis

Informs you of warning signs that problems may be lurking upstream.

The BioMatrix Assessment is an all-inclusive charge of $1995.