Geoff Jones, M.D.

During the early 1990s having finally completed years of medical school, specialty, and sub specialty training I was now in my career prime. But instead of feeling “prime,” I was having significant health problems. Trusted colleagues prescribed medications that controlled some of my symptoms, but my health continued to decline. Looking back, it’s easy to see how many of my health issues started in childhood. They were subtle then but grew steadily, undetected, until they were ruining my life!

As I tried to get help within our standard medical system, I began to
see its greatest weakness. We’ve focused all our amazing technology on identifying and treating disease, not on producing the kind of vibrant health that makes life worth living. This realization led me to what’s become the major focus of my life: extensive research into the foundational building blocks of health and how to apply them to benefit myself and others.

I knew I had to change everything.

I resigned from my previous practice and spent time with some of the early leaders in personalized hormone replacement and preventive medicine: Vince Giampapa, M.D. (first Chairman of the American Board of Anti-aging Medicine); Cenegenics Medical Institute; and Thierry Hertoghe, M.D. (President of the International Hormone Society and President of the Belgium Society of Anti-aging Medicine).

I learned to detect the earliest signs of trouble in the body long before disease develops and how to turn things around. I learned to uncover the underlying cause of symptoms instead of just using medication to mask them. I learned the importance of seeing each patient as a genuinely unique individual. And I recovered my own health along the way. By 2000, I wanted to share this new sort of medicine with the world. So, I co-founded Jones Institute for Advanced Medicine with my wife, Cheri, a nutritionist and registered dietician.

Today, I’m in my early 60s. I feel the best overall I’ve felt in my entire life. And I’m deeply grateful to have been able to help so many others achieve their health goals. It would be my privilege to help you feel your best.

Cheri Jones, R.D., M.P.H.

In 1990, I came face-to-face with the reality that my approach to health wasn’t working. It was embarrassing. I had studied health, taught health, and structured my life around health but it wasn’t working.

I was diagnosed with cervical hyperplasia and warned that if I didn’t remove the abnormal cells, I would probably develop cervical cancer. My body ached with what felt like fibromyalgia. Allergies made me so drowsy I was unsafe to drive. Getting up in the morning seemed like a chore. If I continued to decline at this rate, I would definitely NOT want to live to a “ripe old age.”

Desperate, I headed to my doctor, a trusted colleague I’d worked with for over 5 years. He tested me for every disease imaginable. When I returned for the results, he grinned. “Congratulations everything’s normal! You’re healthy.”

I was relieved, but perplexed. What could I do now?

“Get used to it,” he reassured. “You’re just getting older.”

I was 37.

Determined to find solutions, I sucked up my pride and set aside everything I learned in grad school. I read and interviewed anyone or anything that promised an answer. Eventually, I found solutions that brought me out of my hell-hole.

I’m 60 and feel better much better than I did at 37. Friends tell me it shows. My trainer suggested I “do myself a favor” and update a photo that was taken 25 years ago.

When my husband and I discovered these solutions, we couldn’t keep the good news to ourselves. It was a gift we wanted to share. So we walked away from traditional healthcare, opened Jones Institute for Advanced Medicine, and never looked back.

More About Me

I’m a masters-level trained nutritionist and health educator. Since 1990, I’ve co-founded two organizations that help people create their own path to health: Wellness House for people with cancer and their families and Jones Institute for Advanced Medicine. My mission is to add fun to the lives of others by helping them develop the energy and health to “carpe diem.”

Success Stories

When menopause hit, everything started to change. I started waking up at night and couldn’t go back to sleep. I became bloated and swollen. My memory started being affected…

– Pat Wozny