“My blood test results are normal, but I don’t feel right.”

“Normal” is just a range that is typically found among relatively healthy people. The question is: At what range do you feel your best?

“My doctors aren’t talking to each other—so my treatment plan doesn’t always make sense. I wish someone would treat the whole of me. I want a one-stop shop.”

Jones Institute plans pull from a wide array of disciplines that affect the causes of poor health—sleep, nutrition, fitness, gastrointestinal health, and hormone balance. Our plans are holistic, coordinated, and customized.

“I want natural solutions. I don’t want to use medications.”

We use natural treatments whenever they’re available. When needed, we use bioidentical hormones that are an exact replica of what your body makes.

“I feel like a statistic—a 42-year-old, Caucasian male. My doctor isn’t seeing MY body or understanding MY concerns.”

Before meeting you, Dr. Jones devotes an hour to understanding your needs. During your first visit, you work face-to-face for 2 hours to create a customized plan.

Success Stories

Dr. Jones saved my life.
Before coming to him, I thought I was going to die. I had no energy. I spent most of my day laying in bed. It hurt when someone touched me. My joints ached. I felt like a zombie and was barely alert enough to drive…

– Heidi Parrillo